Yoga Lessons: Releasing Expectation

I was in the midst of my yoga practice like any other day.

On that particular day, I had a new instructor. She was very enthusiastic and very tough. At one point, she started talking about the benefits of plank. “Oh, no,” I thought. She stated that it is the best pose to tone and strengthen the whole body, “so into plank!”

My initial thought: “UGH! Nooo, plank sucks ASS!”

I caught myself by surprise with that one. I admit, I don’t have the best thoughts when plank comes around, but this one I heard loud and clear. I thought, well what does this set me up for? Not a pleasant experience I can tell you that.

As I was pondering my reaction, I was miserably tolerating plank. I couldn’t differentiate between what I was feeling and what I was thinking. Which one caused the other? And what makes this pose any more challenging than the others? When I stand in Warrior II through shaking legs I feel a discomfort, but one that aids me in creating inner stillness. There is no inner stillness with plank.

So, I decided to test something out. I went back to yoga and chose to change my thoughts. When plank came around I said, “I LOVE PLANK!” You know what?! It felt glorious. I could feel the cultivation of my power and strength. It was more effortless than it ever was. Why? Because I didn’t add in the effort! Dreading something takes effort, complaining about something takes effort, saying how much something is going to suck takes effort.

I decided to use this concept in other aspects of my life. Where do I add effort if I work from my home? Where do I anticipate struggle when there really is no need? Yoga teaches me so much, and I think I need to use it to help me let go of expectation. I tend to head into certain situations with a not so great attitude, with dread. That’s got to stop. If it’s something that I can’t change, then I can change the way I view it, right? Right!

So, where can you relinquish effort?

In other news, it’s time to announce the Fearless Raw Organic Chocolate giveaway winners!!!! Yes, that’s right, I said winner S. Jordan over at Fearless emailed me yesterday informing me that he would like to offer the chocolate to THREE lucky readers. Woohoo!! Thank you, Jordan! So without further ado, the winners are:

Stacy (Little Blue Hen), who said “…Favorite way would have to be in small bites to savor it longer. ;p” I agree. 🙂

Evan, who said “My favorite way to eat chocolate now is definitely raw truffles (a new recipe).” Your truffles look amazing! I must try them.

Lisa, who said “I love chocolate dipped biscotti.” Can you say, yum??

All these guys aimed for the best, not for mediocracy.

Fearless Raw Organic Chocolate – Giveaway!

Who doesn’t love chocolate?

A few weeks ago I got this super exciting tweet:

Raw Organic Chocolate Bar? Count me in!!!

I have had my fair share of raw chocolate and I have yet to hear about this company so I did a little research on the Fearless website. I could instantly feel their passion in what they do and their commitment to the health benefits of raw cacao and other superfoods. To make them even more special, a portion of every sale gets donated to charities suggested by their own customers. Yeah, I’m totally down with Fearless but I keep thinking… I know I’m also pursuing my Master’s in Nutrition. But still…

I checked out their flavors and noticed a very big difference between them and the many other raw chocolate bars I’ve had. They do NOT use agave nectar in any of their bars! I’m not trying to make this a post about agave, but there has been some controversy surrounding it lately and I just appreciate the option to opt out.

Their flavors are:

  • Sweet & Hot
  • Exploding Coconuts
  • Super Seeds
  • Green Tea Peppermint
  • Dark as Midnight

They use organic rapadura (unrefined cane sugar) in all of the bars except for Exploding Coconuts (how good does that sound?!?) which contains organic coconut palm sugar. I see that in my health food store and always want to buy it. I’m super intrigued!

I was lucky enough to get a Sweet & Hot to sample, which has hibiscus flower and ginger. Yum, I love a little zing in my chocolate.

Sweet wrapper!! So how was it?

Munch, munch.

It was amazing! I pretty much ate the whole bar right there, but I contained myself because I knew I would be sad when I had none left. The texture was spot on and unlike any raw chocolate bar I’ve ever tasted. I actually love gingery chocolate so I was in heaven. The hibiscus gave it a little something-something. It was the perfect combo. I need to go out and buy the other flavors ASAP!

I am a total Fearless Chocolate convert. This could be bad.

But, oh so good.

The best part?? One of you lucky readers will win FIVE Fearless Chocolate bars – 1 in each flavor!! (I am so jealous!) I didn’t want to have all of the fun so I asked if they could offer up some goodies to one of my amazing readers and they so generously obliged.

On top of that, they offered ALL readers 15% off from all webstore purchases for the next 7 days. Just use the code PEACESOFEARTH at checkout.

To enter:

  • Leave a comment on this post. I would love to hear your favorite way to eat chocolate!! My favorite is dumping raw cacao into my banana green smoothies.
  • Tweet me @peacesofearth that you’d like to enter the @beingfearless giveaway.

Leave a separate comment for each, and I’ll pick a winner on Friday! Good luck!