Let’s get down to business – find Prospective Leads

Ever wonder what you need to do to market your small business or your new startup? An important skill to master is to consistently build your list of prospective clients. If you cater to the same clientele over and over, your business will reach a stalemate and will start lacking innovation and fresh, creative ideas. So in order to keep your business alive, you need a new perspective which is brought by new clients. So let’s get down to business – find prospective leads.

Here are 5 steps that you need to take to start off your prospect business skills.

  1. Focus on what your client wants

When you market yourself, the skill to highlight is customer experience. Make it known to prospective clients that their opinion is valued and what they want is your first priority. Clients look for that kind of service that will cater first and foremost to their needs.

  1. Avoid excessive material

When it comes to marketing yourself, less is more. Keep your advertising material clear, simple and direct. Avoid going into unnecessary details or fancy words. Clients want something they can understand without having to read too much into it. If your methods are not generating effective results, let it go and try something new. Use your Leadership Traits! Spend some time to research which tactics are productive and focus on those.

  1. Maximize your website’s potential

Make sure your website is user-friendly, meaning it is easy to navigate and has what the prospective client wants to see. If clients do not find what they are looking for easily, they will move on to the next website. You could choose the stealth-mode startup model to reach multichannel customers but make at all times sure the information on your website is easy to reach as well as easy to read. Also, make sure the website is easy on the eyes, do not use too many harsh colors or distracting images.

  1. Do not forget about cross marketing

Develop relationships with businesses that offer services that would complement the service you are offering. This allows you a platform to advertise yourself through another business, and likewise for your partner but mind you, the spark of authenticity may never be missing! Clients prefer the ease of access but authenticity is key! If they can find two services that they want side by side, they are most likely to go with those companies, rather than finding another. Take advantage of that interdependence.

  1. Keep the curiosity alive

Asking questions is a very effective method of maintaining an interest in your business. Question phrases often catch the attention of clients who are being faced with a similar problem. Someone who is looking for a service to confirm an appointment for their clients is most likely to take notice if you advertise your business with marketing question phrases like “Tired of missed appointments?” They do a much better job of drawing a prospective client in. See also in this post how Lawrence Twombly went from hockey star to CEO.

Why Customer Experience Matters

Everyone has to deal with that one or two really angry customers that make you question why you ever decided to do what you do. Take a deep breath, step back- and really listen to that your client is saying. Read between the lines and most important of all: KISS, Keep It Simple, Stupid!

I know what you’re thinking. Leave that to the customer service guys. This is not a job that just the customer service department needs to handle. Every member of a company needs to know how to interact with the clients and judge what it is that they need, what they’re expecting and what is delivered to them.

Looking to build customer loyalty? You answer lies in the practice of being sensitive to customer interactions and building your business around their reactions. Studies have shown that superior customer experience can be the deciding factor for a client in choosing a company but it also has to do with The Psychology of ME, at least, according to some highly reliable internet sources…

In the pressure of today’s competitive market, how do you make yourself unique? Offer lower prices? Everyone else is doing that. Customer experience gives you the perfect platform to differentiate yourself in such a way that you are truly unique. No two companies can offer the same customer experience and keep also in mind that you cannot expect excellence if you aim for mediocracy, right?

Here lies your chance to succeed. Clients value doing business with companies that offer exceptional services and are also prepared to see them through to the end. They value being valued and they will go back again and again to a company that makes them feel that way.

Providing an above average experience for a client will lead you to stick in their minds and mention you to others who will mention you to others and before you know it, you’re getting referrals. Keep in mind that there are seven magic words that could change your world. To get that ball rolling, you need to maximize their user experience to become above and beyond what they were expecting and there you have it: it had walked a client and out walks an enthusiastic advocate.

Focusing on an overall customer experience that your company is delivering will give you an edge in creating consistency, which is something that the majority of the clients will look for, whether it is from sales, accounts, customer service, support or any other department. And that is what you should aim to provide. What better way to exceed customer expectations and increase customer loyalty than to provide them with an exceptional customer experience every step of the way?  Get to it.