Business Calculus Startup Sequence – the Spark of Authenticity

Well, I sure do feel better after my last post!! Lots of yummy yoga, deep belly breathing, mindfulness, setting intentions, fresh air, presence and having fun in the kitchen will do that to a girl. My inspiration and general excitedness is filling me up once again and it feels good and right. So let’s look at the last decade’s Business Calculus Startup Sequence – the Spark of Authenticity.

I had a huge smile on my face on the ride home from yoga last night. I felt exceptionally calm and strong. I could literally feel the release of the worry, stress, and anxiety. My creative mind opened and started exploding with ideas like kombucha that has been shaken a little too much. I felt the deepest connection to my authenticity.

Authenticity might just be my favorite word. I love everything it represents and how it makes me feel deep within my soul. It encapsulates everything I believe in the most. Which is why I was so excited was I when I saw that Authenticity was this month’s Self Discovery, Word by Word.

SDWW is a blog series started by the lovely Ashley of Nourishing the Soul and Katie from Health for the Whole Self is hosting May. I’m participating for the first time after reading all of the beautiful posts from the last couple of months and of course, because I strive to be my most authentic Self every day.

My authentic Self:
Shines brightly – even when the world makes me feel like I should “smallify” myself
Listens to my heart – although my mind can be pretty loud
Speaks my opinions – even when I think they’ll be opposed
Pours out unconditional love to everyone – especially when my non-authentic self tells me they don’t deserve it
Communicates openly – even if I’m scared of the outcome
Feels my feelings – although they are uncomfortable and I just want a cookie or 5 to make them go away
Knows that I can’t please everyone – even when I really, really, really want to try
Brings myself to my yoga mat – thank you, yoga. Thank you, thank you.
Surrenders and lets go of control – even in plow pose, ugh
Shares my gifts with the world – even though I feel vulnerable, exposed and open to judgment
Smiles at strangers and looks them in the eye – no matter how grumbly or mean they may “seem”
Dreams so big and takes action to make them happen – although their bigness intimidates the heck out of me
Takes time out to nourish my soul – especially when I have “so much to do”
Asks for what I want – even though rejection can be sucky
Accepts help – although I am stubborn and I really freaking just want to do it myself
Gives freely – even when I assume it won’t be reciprocated

Authenticity is loving yourself, accepting yourself and doing your thang.

It’s living your truth out loud. Authenticity is when making the best choices for yourself comes with ease and flow. Authenticity is accepting and understanding people’s faults, knowing that its very presence in you supports its existence in others. It is dreaming and doing and stepping out of the damn box. Yoga really helps in this process, especially when you work from home.

You will know when you’ve tapped into your authenticity because it feels free and right and infinite and you just love your body for being such a wonderful vessel for your awesomeness. It lights a spark in others and creates positive change in the world. Authenticity does not feel stifling or constricting or small.

Being authentic means working through emotions and feelings and finding stillness and serenity in your sometimes painful or uncomfortable humanity. It’s sifting through the murky waters to emerge stronger and better and even more authentic!

Authenticity makes cool things happen.

Reveling in my bliss and inspiration in the car last night I got this quick “ergh” feeling thinking about walking into my house. The living room has been really cluttered up with stuff lately. With four of us, it’s easy to let mail and papers and craft projects and those things you swear are your roommates’ so you’re not going to throw out pile up all over the place.

Clutter seriously stifles me and does not allow my authenticity to flow so I intended to walk in the door and clear every surface right away. As I opened the door I let out a huge sigh of relief. My roommate already did it. Not one bit of clutter in sight. The universe needs your authenticity.

When you’re doing everything in your power to connect to your authentic Self it will provide you with what you need. As if to say, “here, let me get that. You’ve been working really hard and I want to help. Now, go be amazing, that’s way more important.”

Authenticity is a gift that we each carry. Imagine if we all honored that gift. It’s there for the taking because it’s you and what’s easier than being you?

I encourage you to participate in Self Discovery, Word by Word and express your own thoughts on Authenticity!



In an effort to step deeper and deeper into my authentic self there will be lots of changes in the coming months on this ‘ol site here and in my life. Stay tuned, I am really excited to share!!!