Social Media Content – Is Your’s Good?

Sucky Content Hurts – Quality Wins!

Ever heard the saying content is king? It’s truer now than at any time in the past. So you need to take a good look at your websites and analyze them. You need to get your head out of your butt and hire and pay for a fantastic writer that understands all the factors of great quality writing. They should dream SEO, keyword, target markets, specific niches, backlinks, and entertaining words to start! So now, let’s talk about your Social Media Content – is your’s good?

Is your content good? If it isn’t, then your site could be in trouble. Google updates are launched to assess the quality of any website’s content, and they have some pretty clever ways of establishing content quality on a site. In other words, don’t waste your time trying to outsmart Google!

It was so much easier to rank in the past. Most efforts were on finding that special keyword, building some content around it and then performing regular SEO to it. Indeed, SEO was the most important part and it was much easier to rank well. This is what’s led to so much junk and spammy content on the net that is being cleaned up now and many product-centric brands have learned their lessons well.

Let the past go! Move forward – pretty please!

In hindsight, this should never have been allowed and marketers should never have done this. Because the ultimate goal should always have been the end-user experience. Those marketers clever enough to realize this and produce quality content on their sites, even back then, are clearly the smartest. Quality content should always be the number one priority.

Do not hire a cheap writer that doesn’t have magic fingers! Fingers that make the words sing off the page and take Search Engine Optimization and Keyword into account without it being obvious. This sort of writer is worth any price – well almost any price anyway!

Also, many marketers have outsourced their article writing work and this has also led to inferior content being written. Articles still can be written for as low as a couple of dollars – Eeeeek! Shame on you if you hire someone that cheap! You deserve crap content at that price and your website will suffer!

Really what sort of quality article can you expect for this amount? You get what you pay for my friend and the internet has suffered as a result of so much useless information created. So please, learn more and keep yourself educated at all times. Check out also this post about reports that are useful to identify the right keywords and adds strategy.

However, in the past, it worked! It was enough to get these sites well ranked. But now, thank the lord, Google is pressing for superior content to be created. Having the focus very much on the end-user. And this has to be good news. In fact, it’s fabulous news don’t you think?

So now any serious marketer should create content that provides quality, in-depth information, and put the end-user first and SEO second. Do it, and do it right!

Quality Content trumps all – Quality Content isn’t rocket science and if you need to outsource, you have to pay more. DUH!

It’s that basic. Instead of paying $10 an article you really need to look at paying around $40 for the same word count. It’s also a good idea to vet a few writers, to find out their standard and to ensure they have the appropriate experience in content writing and research.

This is because good quality content requires not only good writing skills but also good researching skills. It’s no longer good enough just to fill a page with whatever comes to mind, without careful thought and planning. It’s all about your all-important marketing plan.

A great writer loves researching, writing, creating, connecting with the target audience and likes getting up close and personal with SEO and Keyword strategies! They love it when you give it to them again and again and again!

Furthermore, you can also pay for certain books and literature to be sent to your writer and pay them to read and research the contents for them to become experts too. You can circumnavigate this step by searching for expert writers already in the field you require content for, but this may cost you extra anyway.

Despite this update and continual call for quality content, marketers are still paying little for their articles. So all they are ending up with is poorly written content that offers little to nothing to the online community.

Pay up and get rewarded!

Even if they are lucky to have something which is grammatically correct, the content is mainly filler and fluff with absolutely no real material in. B-O-R-I-N-G! They will just click to another page!

So is your content that well written? Does it contain positive and quality content that is likely to be shared by people on Facebook and the like? If not, then simply it needs to be worked on and nothing from it, then again it requires reworking to improve its standing. So let’s go down to business and see what it takes to market a small business or a new startup.

1. Pay more for your articles.
Set a minimum standard and find good writers who understand your niche if you haven’t the skills to write well enough. You will have to pay more for this but in the long run, the rewards will be much greater.

Professional writers that understand all the aspects of a quality Website Design and, the importance of FABULOUS content WILL set your business up for success!

2. Use bullet points.
People are impatient and want it now! Give it to me now! Bullet points allow potential customers to skim across the page and get happy with you. And happy visitors love to spend money!

Bullet points are a great way to break up the page to make it easier to read. If you can make your content easy to read as well as engaging then it will be read by more people. Don’t be afraid of having too much white space, it’s actually a good thing.

Writers that have worked for Custom Web Design Sites will have the knowledge you need to make your pages magnetic! Drawing in your Target Audience and chaining them down so you can do with them what you will! YUMMY!

3. Use images.
Let me ask you something. Would you rather see a stacked naked girl or read about one? Need I say more? Again, this helps break the page up and more appealing to look at. Plus an image says a thousand words. But choose your images wisely.

4. Embed video.
Video is another great way to break up the page while offering perhaps a deeper analysis of the page’s written content. Giving people the choice on how to receive the information is a great idea and again show Google that your site has quality content.

A smart web creator knows some people opt to learn by reading and others do well by seeing pictures. Cover your ass both ways and you will be handsomely rewarded!

Focus on the end-user experience. Give a lot and get more. Do You Prefer Giving or Getting Pleasure? At the end of the day, your potential customers are more important to you than Google. If you have quality information then people will share it and you will receive quality traffic anyway. And this, in turn, will help your own rankings.

Essentially, good quality content must be your priority, but this should not impede on your SEO efforts either. You must still find good keywords and build great content around them while making the keyword as natural as possible (ie virtually impossible to detect). Your SEO plan without great quality content will be a waste of time and would likely be ignored by Google.

So always consider the end-user first and present your information in the best possible manner and think about the search engines second. People will like your site, share its content and the search engines will also like this and provide you with good rankings too. Look at your sites now. Is your content good?

With the marketer and search engine in effect working together and providing the end-user with as good an experience as possible, the internet will slowly be seen as a more enlightening and credible place to seek information.