New Features For The AdWords Keyword Planner

Many users have been very frustrated with the new look  Keywords Planner. Google got lots of feedback about the recent changes and not a lot of it has been good.

However, it would seem Google have been listening for once. They’ve now added new features to the tool based on the criticism you have been giving them.

These new features include:

  • Being able to include or exclude specific terms from your keyword list.
  • A “More Like These” button to find search terms that are similar to a specific keyword idea.
  • Restricting your results to keywords that include the exact words or phrases and their close synonyms that you typed in the search box.
  • Adding stars to keywords that you would like to save and review later.
  • Easier editing, and copying so you can transfer your keywords to a spreadsheet.

And, more changes are promised. So, if there is anything you would like to say about the AdWords Keyword Planner, you need to send your thoughts to Google quickly. You never know, they might just actually listen and act on what you have to say!

4 New Features In The Opportunities Tab
1. First Page CPC Ideas  
Many will already be using the Opportunities Tab. There are now four more new features on hand to help you better optimize your AdWords account.

Every serious AdWords user wants their ads to appear on the first page of the search results. The Opportunities Tab will now list any keywords that fall short of the first-page cut-off threshold. It will also suggest how much you need to bid in order to ensure your ads always get a first-page listing.

2. More Keyword Stats

Until now, AdWords has only given you ‘estimated monthly search’ statistics. Now, you will also get estimates for the number of impressions, costs, and clicks. These new statistics will help you make informed decisions about your keywords. They will make it easier for you to decide which keywords you should apply to your account and which you should leave out.

3. Ad Group bid ideas

You can now see ideas for changing the default CPC bids for an entire ad group as well as individual keywords.

4. Export your ideas

If you have many ideas in your account, then you can now export them to a spreadsheet. This can be a great way to review your suggestions before applying them to your account.

To learn more about the Opportunities tab, watch Googles’ webinar in the AdWords Online Classroom.

Do You Appreciate The True Value of Search?

Understanding search and measuring its return on investment is not easy.

You can now watch a new video in the AdWords Online Classroom that shows the true value of search. It will help you understand the value of search beyond the direct response you get from your online efforts.

In this short video, you will see how your customers’ use search on their journey from research to purchase. It also tells how search can be used as a part of your broader marketing efforts. You will also learn how to use it for branding your business and how to include it within your offline marketing.

So, if you are interested in learning about how valuable search is, check out this course today!