If you’re like everyone else who uses AdWords, you’ll encounter problems with Google’s Quality Score feature at some time or another. Improving Quality Score sometimes seems like the “Holy Grail” of AdWords – the ultimate goal that can never be reached.

Your Quality Score is Google’s rating of the relevance and quality of both your keywords and PPC ads. Google uses it to determine your CPC (cost per click), multiplied by the maximum bid you set for determining your ad ranking in Google’s ad auction process.

Increasing your Quality Score by just a single point for one keyword can make a huge difference to the amount you pay in bids on that keyword. It, therefore, comes as no surprise when people tell us about the frustration they feel when they spend hours working on their account for little or no return.

The fact of the matter is that this is really too big a subject to cover properly in a single post, but here are some general pointers that may be useful.

  • Keep the keywords in your ad groups closely related to each other with no more than 5 or 6 keywords in each group.
  • Remove any keywords from your account that don’t attract lots of clicks. Obviously, you should keep any low volume keywords that regularly convert. But, get rid of all those keywords you’re keeping running just in case they become the next big search term.
  • Link your ads closely to the main keyword in each ad group. Include the keyword in the heading, text and display URL (if possible).
  • Design landing pages for your ads that are also closely linked to your main keywords, but don’t over do it. Put your most popular keyword in the heading, three or four times in the text (top, middle, and end ideally), in the URL to the page and if possible, within a URL from the page also.
  • Don’t force your landing pages by including in it every keyword in your ad group. Google is intelligent enough to know that words like mobile phone & mobile cell phone are related. Choose one variant and keep to it.
  • Write landing pages that your visitors will find useful and informative. If selling products, don’t copy content from the manufacturers’ website. Use original content that will add to the debate and inform your readers.
  • Most important tip of all: Be patient! The biggest mistake that most advertisers make is that they expect their changes to have an instant effect. The fact is that improvements to your campaign can take days, weeks and sometimes even months to fully show up in higher Quality Scores.